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Assessment of my learning

  • Your prior learning case will be assessed by the module lecturer or another appointed assessor. They want to see if your case meets the learning outcomes of the module in question.
  • Assessment of the prior learning case is against the learning outcomes with consideration to the following criteria: Each learning outcome must be met and the assessor must be satisfied that the case is:

Valid - does this material count, is it suitable ?

Reliable - does this example represent a typical scenario for you ?

Authentic - it is truly your own ?

Current - reasonable currency is important

Sufficient - is there enough to support a case ?

  • Assessment will take a week – ten days after which you should hear back informally from the assessor as to the outcome. You can ask the RPL office, we can find out for you if a decision has been made on your application.
  • The result is recorded on the Web for Faculty Results system by the assessor for the module. The result is entered as X (exempt) for prior formal and combination cases and as a percentage mark for experiential learning cases.  
  • The assessor holds the RPL paperwork with the exam scripts for the module. RPL cases are reviewed by the extern examiner.
  • Prior learning cases are presented along with regular assessment material for the module and the module exam boards ratify the results. Exam material and RPL material are held together. Any appeals run through regular exam appeals process.

When do I get feedback

Wait a week for informal word as to outcome of your case. Please ask if you have not heard back after this point. Informal word is important in order to free up study time. The result you get at this point is an interim result which must be formalised at the next sitting of the module exam boards (semester end).

Remember you must

Register for the module
Prepare your own material and organise proof of learning. Work in a timely manner for assessment and submit by week six.
Submit in printed form with signature and present original transcripts / certificates
Present against the learning outcomes for experiential and combination cases and gather appropriate evidence to support what you are claiming.

There's plenty of help

There is extensive support for students with preparation of material for assessment. We explain the process and policy and you can see examples.