Maria Murray

BA Hons in Applied Arts – Stage 1

Reginald James

Higher Certificate in Information Tech Support, year 1 (FT)

Written Testimonials


Barry Woods:  Higher Cert in Computing (EVCOM) – Stage 1
"Certainly, there is a lot of work in getting all the relevant information together. 
But when I got into it and I knew what I was doing, I found it very beneficial and rewarding. My advice is to document everything, even if they don’t think its relevant, document it and make sure that it is presented neatly."

Barry Gettings: MA in Media Design

"I suppose the initial challenge was to get organised, get focused, that was the most important part for me. It was fine. The main thing was to get organised against the learning outcomes and to be prepared early on."

Eoin Edwards: MA in Journalism with New Media

Senior news and sports journalist, with many years subbing and reporting experience on national broadsheet and tabloids; sports and news supplement page designer/editor; former chief-sub and deputy production manager of a 25 strong department; member of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, Masters in Journalism with New Media student 2011/12 at CIT, radio documentary maker.

"I found the Recognition of Prior Learning option very useful. I have many years experience in the media but went down the path of further education, some years ago now, to do a two year PR diploma, then followed that attaining a Level 8 First Class Honours qualification from HETAC. This led to me doing the Masters in Journalism with New Media at CIT in 2011/2012, which I am thoroughly enjoying. As a very mature student it's nice to know the State acknowledges previous experience and learning and I received an exemption for part of the Masters course. Even though the work involved in the RPL process is challenging, Phil O'Leary and the Recognition of Prior Learning team at CIT were very helpful, always encouraging and I can recommend taking this course of action to anyone interested in refreshing, broadening their skills via the further education process."


Barry Coughlan: MA in Journalism with New Media

Professional journalist of almost 40 years standing, working with the Irish Examiner, but after a career that involved contributing on a daily basis for many years also to the Evening Echo.

"My background is in generation of news through my involvement in general news, aviation matters and travel, although for the last 30 years or so my main job has been covering the increasingly popular sport of rugby. I have travelled the world through my involvement in tourism matters and also through rugby, to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Japan, the USA, Canada, and most all of Europe, France and Romania included.

This year, I decided to apply for a place in Masters in Journalism and New Media in CIT and I was fortunate enough to be selected on the basis of the Recognition of Prior Learning process.

Without that, undoubtedly, it would not have been possible for me to pursue the course and I am delighted to have been able to avail of the programme. Clearly, there are thousands of people out there who are capable of bettering themselves through Third Level education but might not have had either the opportunity or desire to do so back in the days......

After one Semester in CIT, waiting impatiently on the outcome of exams/submissions, I can honestly say the decision to take on this challenge was one of the most inspirational decisions I have ever made."


Kate Glavin: BSc Software Development (FT) – Year 1

"l was just writing about my own life so it wasn’t that taxing. It took a couple of hours. Once I knew what to do, it was fine, I flew through it."

Michelle Murphy: BSc Software Development (FT) – Year 1

"I took on the software development course because I am a technical and logically minded person. I felt that it would suit me. Also the industry is booming at the moment so I reckoned it was a good choice overall.

I found the process very interesting. Having to sit down and review all of the things that I did with my life, it gave me more of a will to achieve and a will to strive on and to keep with the course.  I also found because we got a response so quickly that we had achieved the RPL, that it gave me confidence in the other modules within the semester. I was capable of being here and doing this course.

My advice would be to go for the RPL early on in the semester. That’s the most important thing, and to put the time into it because you will get the result back versus the effort you put in.  The most important thing I think is to take the time out and give it the priority that it needs for the week or two to get it out of the way."


Noel Fealy: BA in Leadership Management & Naval Studies 

"I am Senior Petty Officer Noel Fealy of the Irish Naval Service and have been awarded a B.A. in Naval Service Leadership and Management Studies. I am 52 yrs old and a member of Logistics Branch. I have currently served 34 yrs. The fact that  RPL was taken into consideration opened the door for me to advance to the B.A. I received great assistance from C.I.T. and the N.M.C.I. in compiling and structuring of my thesis. I  would strongly recommend to anyone who has a chance to go for it."


Jim Burns –Higher Diploma Sc. in Cloud Computing - CO.HDCLD 8 Y1 

 “ Coming from a Telecommunications/Networking background I sought an exemption in the Network Systems 1 module of the Programme, based on non-formal Cisco qualifications. How to go about receiving this exemption was outlined very clearly to me,  in the RPL office, the forms I needed, the photocopies of certificates (with originals presented and returned) and most importantly – how to marry the learning outcomes of the module with the prior learning. It takes a little time to gather the necessary requirements but it is worth doing.

I recommend this process because with the exemption approved I now have more time to focus on Object Oriented Programming which is very new to me. The assistance I received from, the ever professional and helpful, Phil O’Leary at the RPL office, was extremely beneficial and was instrumental in my success in achieving this exemption.






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