Application format

Non standard admissions

Apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO) at


Advanced entry

Apply through the Head of Department or contact the department secretary first. If the Head of Department asks for a portfolio to be created to establish equivalence, then you can contact for support with its creation.


Credits on a programme

  1. Register for the modules including the modules you intend achieving through RPL
  2. Speak with the lecturer timetabled for the module. Let them know that you intend applying for RPL and the basis of your case. They are responsible for assessing the RPL case.
  3. Locate the learning outcomes at, search for the module code on this site
  4. Download the paperwork required and complete it rpl/usefulform
  5. Gather the evidence which forms the basis of your case, this might be transcripts of results, syllabus, past exam papers or it might be a range of evidence from the workplace or other activities. Make this evidence digital and include it in the rear of the RPL application.
  6. You may have questions, attend an MS Teams RPL workshop if you need support. 
  7. Check out the completed examples for prior formal learning and for prior experiential learning to see what is expected.
  8. Submit through email to  or to by the 23rd February 2024 deadline. Check Upload Instructions to ensure you do this correctly.


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