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Where do I start?

Step 1

If you are interested in applying for recognition of your prior learning you must first register and pay for the module as normal. Failure to do so will result in a late enrolment penalty fee.


The next step is to attend a workshop on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes and procedures within CIT. You will be given guidelines on how to develop your prior learning case at these workshops. The workshops are at 1pm and 5pm in room B185 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the first 6 weeks of each semester.

Step 2

Check out this site to see how to present and submit your prior learning case. There are a number of supports available on this site which should assist you in putting your case together. The 'RPL Information Guidelines for Students' handbook is available on the RPL home page. This handbook provides a complete guide on how to structure and develop your application for RPL. The required forms for your application are also available through the menu on the left hand side.

Step 3

If you still have questions after attending a workshop and accessing the resources on this website please contact Phil O'Leary for a one to one consultation.


P: 021 4335132

Office location: S110 in the Student Centre