School of Mechanical, Electrical and Process Engineering

The School of Mechanical, Electrical, and Process Engineering delivers programmes at Levels 7, 8, 9 and 10.

The School of Mechanical, Electrical, and Process Engineering is a constituent school of the Faculty of Engineering & Science.

The School consists of the following Departments and Centre:
Department of Mechanical, Biomedical, and Manufacturing Engineering
Department of Process, Energy, and Transport Engineering
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Centre of Craft Studies

An 80 Poster Page Pictorial Compendium of International and National Student and Innovation Engineering and Innovation Awards titled "Compendium of Student Innovation Awards - Engineering an Innovation Eco-System" has been published. The pictorial compendium is a description of a wide range of international and national awards in engineering innovation, design and entrepreneurship, spanning a ten year period and incorporating 80 international and national award posters authored over that period. NEWSLINK

On an annual basis, in April,  the Cork Mechanical, Manufacturing & Biomedical Engineering Exhibition - Ireland’s largest Educational Engineering and Innovation Exhibition, with over 180 stands takes place in the CIT Bishopstown Campus. The exhibition attracts over 30 sponsors, large numbers of the industrialists, academics and the general public, including in excess of 2,000 second-level students annually with major centrepiece exhibits, including a full-scale Reconstruction of the Studio of the renowned Engineer and Artist, Leonardo da Vinci incorporating six scale models of his designs/inventions. Both Jordan and Ferrari Formula 1 Racing cars have also formed centrepiece exhibits.

Please click here to download pdf of the 2011 Exhibit.

The Head of the School of Mechanical, Electrical, and Process Engineering is Mr Matt Cotterell.


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