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Message from the President




As we commence the 2019/2020 academic year we are looking at another interesting and challenging year ahead.  Our student intake numbers are looking good across the full spectrum of intake:  CAO, Access, Matures, International, Craft, Postgraduate etc.  Our Engineering students/graduates have yet again taken global awards, this time in Canberra, Australia. Our World Skills colleagues have returned with an array of medals from Kazan in Russia.  CIT Researchers have yet again marked up some notable funding successes in the very competitive research funding space. We are going well on all fronts! 


Back in May/June we were in the middle of the MTU site visitation and evaluation process and much thanks is due to the many many colleagues, and students, who engaged with the International Advisory Panel or who otherwise supported the project. As has been outlined in the on-going staff update sessions, the MTU Consortium has satisfied the ‘academic’ criteria as specified in the TU Act. A number of questions have been raised by the Panel and subsequently by the Minister for Education and these are currently being addressed. To quote Minister Joe McHugh: “I am confident that your Institutes will rise to the challenge of making this a reality in the coming months”. There is then more work to be done in this new Semester to ensure a positive designation decision in Q1 of 2020. This will allow CIT/ITT/MTU to benefit from new funding streams which should feature in the forthcoming Budget to support enhanced resourcing of TUs.


We welcome the many new colleagues who are joining us here in the Institute and assure them of our support as we also welcome the 2000+ new First Years who are joining our CIT community. These colleagues are charged with the same duty as all of us in CIT: to pass on the torch of teaching, inspiring and empowering students, a tradition going back to the precursor of the Institute, the Royal Cork Institution, established by the Rev Hincks in 1803. A long tradition indeed.


2019/2020 will be a good year for CIT. Refurbishment of the 1974 Building will continue, the new Sports Arena will begin to rise up and the start on the new LRC Building will come ever closer. We are also confident of securing additional capital funding to match our growing student and staff population. On the sporting front, we have a lot of new national standard sportsmen and women joining us as students, and our All-Ireland winning u20s footballers and backroom team set us up nicely to challenge for the Sigerson Cup!


We say Slán Beo is Go Raibh Míle Maith Agaibh! to our retiring colleagues.  Your contribution over your many years of service is reflected in the success of the many cohorts of graduates who are now our CIT Ambassadors across all walks of life and in every corner of the globe. We wish you all long, healthy and happy retirements. We also think sadly of colleagues, friends, students and indeed family members who are no longer with us as we pass this annual milestone in the academic calendar. Sonas na bhFlaitheas dóibh uilig.


As we commence this new academic year, I thank you all for your individual and collective contributions in what are challenging times. I look forward to us working and meeting together over the coming months as the Institute continues to grow and evolve but remains through to the long tradition of service to our students and the wider community which, in turn, supports us.


CIT Abú!

Dr Barry O’Connor