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CIT Alumni Exclusives

Meet the Graduate

The CIT Alumni Office in collaboration with the CIT Student Engagement Office create opportunities for graduates to revisit CIT through a “Meet the Graduate” initiative.  The aim of the initiative is to reconnect with alumni and to enhance the current CIT student experience. 

We ask graduates to share their career journey with current CIT students through role model seminars, workshops or café conversations.  It is an opportunity for graduates to promote graduate programmes and vacancies on behalf of their organisations, and give assistance to current students in a fun and engaging manner. Each session is targeted to relevant courses of graduates. 

If you would like to support CIT students and share your career journey to date with them through the Meet the Graduate initiative, please contact us.

Tel: 021 432 6586 or 021 432 6589

Email: alumni@cit.ie

the CIT Joint Mentorship Programme

The CIT Joint Mentorship Programme is a voluntary, extra-curricular activity for all undergraduate students and post graduate students.  It is facilitated by the CIT Alumni Office and the CIT Careers Service.

#Fancy Following CIT

We hope that you are as proud of your Alma Mater as we are of you, and that you might be interested in helping us by sending us your updated profile summary and photograph for us to include in our #FancyFollowing campaign.