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CIT Chem Eng Courses

Courses related to Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering

Our premier course is the B.Eng. (Hons) in Chemical & Biopharmaceutical Engineering. We have graduated over 700 engineers since 1983, and currently about one-third of our graduating classes are female. In addition, we support the Honours Bachelor of Engineering degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering and provide courses in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology at degree and certificate level. We also provide specialist courses to industry and our module in Chemical Porcess Safety with Pfizer has gained global recognition, winning the IChemE Global Award 2015 for Training and Education.


Bachelor of Engineering B.Eng (Hons) (Chemical & Biopharmaceutical)

This is a Level 8, full-time, 4 year Honours Engineering course, accredited by Engineers Ireland, and by the Institution of Chemical Engineers at Master level.  With its international and national recognition, our gradautes are employed across a diverse range of sectors in Ireland and abroad.  While the majority are to be found in the biopharmachem sector in Munster, CIT's engineers have been found from Australia to Brazil, from the Gulf of Mexico to Japan. As a graduate, you may be designing a liquefied natural gas plant, or devising methods to manufacture and purify minute quantities of life-saving medicines.  You might be managing the production of products in a highly sterile building, or controlling an oil rig or refinery. Detailed course information is available here.


Short courses to industry in specialised topics

Does your company need to provide education and training in a specific area for your staff?

We can tailor existing approved modules for client companies, or construct and deliver new, certified, modules.  These are developed in partnership with the company to ensure satisfaction of needs, and subjected to our academic approval process to achieve conformity with national standards.  In this way, companies and their employees can obtain top-class education and training.   We have delivered whole courses and individual modules on an in-company basis to the pharmaceutical e.g. Novartis, biopharmaceutical e.g. Schering Plough, and medical device e.g. Boston Scientific, sectors. 


Popular individual modules are:

If your company is interested in adopting an existing module or asking us to develop specific solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.





springboard Course in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations

On offer is a one year, industry relevant course, Diploma in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations (Level 7) that is springboard funded. The students gain valuable knowledge, skills and confidence of the manufacturing environment to further enhance their skillset towards securing employment. The level 7 course is an excellent chance for engineers and scientists to re-direct their careers towards these related industries.

This Special Purpose Award provides an ideal accredited qualification for individuals who are either:

  1. Seeking to up-skill or cross-skill in order to gain sustainable employment in sectors such as biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  
  2. Have recently completed their degree programmes and are seeking additional qualifications in order to make themselves industry ready.

Integral elements of this one year Springboard Programme are the work placement, a two-day training course at the state-of-the art National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) and also a career professional development (CPD) plan.

For more information on the course, please click here

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Courses in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology

Is conformity with GMP important to your company?  Are you in the biopharma, pharma, medical device, or food sectors?

CIT is offering two new Special Purpose Award certificate courses (Level 6) starting this September. CIT also offers its well established Level 6 and Level 7 science programmes in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology.

The Special Purpose Award certificate courses (Level 6) are industry relevant short courses and includes a Certificate in Cleanroom Manufacturing Practices and a Certificate in Biotechnological Manufacturing Operations. These special purpose award certificates encompasses one module per semester (13 weeks) for an evening a week over 1 academic year and starts in September and January.

The Level 6 programme, the Higher Certificate in Science in GMP and Technology, is delivered full-time, and in-company and is an 18-month accelerated technician course. The principal aim of this course is to provide a nationally accredited educational programme in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology for people keen to work in production, quality assurance or validation roles within leading Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and Food manufacturing companies. 

The Level 7 programme, the BSc in GMP and Technology, is an add-on course delivered in part-time mode, 2 to 3 evenings per semester over 2 years. 

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We are offering the opportunity to upskill in biopharmaceutical processing.  Two modules, one on upstream processing and the second on downstream processing, are offered on a one evening per week basis for the year. Single module certification is offered for each separately, and, when combined, a special purpose award is provided.  This is an excellent facility to learn about one of Ireland's economic growth areas, to prepare for the career demands in this sector. For further information, click here.


Support to other CIT degrees

As well as the courses within our own Department, we provide modules to the Sustainable Energy and Mechanical Engineering degrees.


Bachelor of Engineering B.Eng (Hons) (Sustainable Energy engineering)

We teach the following modules:

In addition we supervise final year research projects.  Click on the links above to see module details; full details on this Degree are available here.