Our Clean Technology Centre (CTC) is internationally recognised and our Irish National Centre for Membrane Technology is investigating separations of industrial and community importance.

Clean Technology Centre

Since its inception, CTC has become recognised as a centre of excellence in the field of environmental management and one of the leading Irish and European proponents of cleaner production and preventive approaches to environmental protection.

CTC has remained active in environmental research and consultancy providing valuable advice and assistance to a wide range of clients, national and international. These include individual companies, sectoral groups, and umbrella industrial organisations – CTC has an industrial portfolio of over 150 companies. Other clients include local authorities, national agencies, Departments of the Irish Government as well as several Directorates General of the European Commission – CTC has carried out 100 environmental research projects with over 120 partners from 31 countries.

In the last 20 years, much work and many projects have been undertaken in the CTC. An overview and a flavour of these achievements may be seen on the CTC's website.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre


Dr Sandra Lenihan and Dr Keith Byran (Mechanical Engineering) are currently funded by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (hosted in University of Limerick) for “Powder Modelling for Tablet Processing”.  Dr Ahmad Baroutaji has been appointed the Postdoctoral Researcher on this project.  The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) is an Enterprise Ireland/IDA funded research group to assist the Irish Pharmaceutical Industry improve its competitiveness.

Chem Eng presents at PMTC Knowledge Day

CIT had a significant presence at the Inaugural PMTC Knowledge Day. The event held in UL showcased the state funded, industry informed research programs in the centre.  CIT is an active research member contributing to two themes. The event also provided a unique forum for networking with industrial and academic colleagues working at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical innovation in Ireland (over 130 attendess).  Presentations, by PMTC researchers and industrialists covered areas including enabling continuous processing, 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technologies. Sandra Lenihan, Keith Byran and Ahmad Baroutjai from Chemical and Process Engineering and from Mechanical Engineering presented their research on powder modelling for tablet processing which is funded by the PMTC.  Key note speakers included John Lynch (Director of Compliance HPRA), Martin Wallace (GSK), Stan O’Neill (The Compliance Group) and Charles Gordon (Britest).


Dr. Sandra Lenihan and Dr. Caroline O’Sullivan were funded  under the PMTCs Initial Research Programme, “Enabling and Control of Continuous Processing”. The Project  established best practice through Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiatives achieving quality product consistently from a continuous dry granulation process.  Led by the School of Pharmacy in UCC, project partners include CIT’s Centre for Advanced Photonic and Process Analysis (CAPPA), and WIT’s Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBRC).  University of Limerick were also joint stakeholders in this project.


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