Aisling O'Gorman

Aisling O’Gorman, B.Eng., PhD
Room: E17
Tel: +353-21-4335883

Aisling O’Gorman holds both a Ph.D and a B.Eng in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast. Her doctoral thesis was on the rheological properties of human pathological synovial fluid. Aisling joined CIT in 1994 and is currently Fourth Year Coordinator for the B.Eng (Hons) Degree in Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering.


Aisling teaches, wholly or partly (*), the following modules:

Code Module Title Associated Programme
CHEP6002 Process Principles and Design I BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y1
CHEP6003 Process Principles and Design II BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y1
CHEP7005 Equilibrium Separations (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y2
CHEP7007 Process Analysis (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y2
CHEP7009 Process Waste Management (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y3
CHEP8001 Advanced Chemical Engineering (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y4
CHEP8006 Design Project (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y4
CHEP8010 Research Project (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y4
CHEP8012 Mass Transfer (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y3
CHEP8013 Product Design (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y3
CHEP8014 Process and Properties Analysis (*) BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y3
CHEP8017 Process Engineering Laboratories 3 BEng Hons Chem & Biopharm Eng Y3

Current final year research projects range from bench and pilot-scale studies in nanofiltration and reverse osmosis to an industrial application of filtration separations.  In addition, Aisling is supervising a project investigating the rheological properties of a specific fluid.


Aisling is a co-founder of the Irish National Centre for Membrane Technology along with Noel Duffy and Cilian O’Suilleabhain. She is interested in the treatment of  industrial wastewater using membrane technologies and the use of membrane technologies for process intensification.  She has secured grants from Enterprsie Ireland totalling nearly €400,000 to equip a membranes separation laboratory, including a Custom-Built NF/RO pilot plant (cGMP and ATEX compliant).  Several industrial projects have been undertaken on behalf of companies to investigate specific recovery operations.

Post-graduate supervision

  • Hennessy, B., MSc, (2006), Development of Novel Wastewater Treatment Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry (with Eli Lilly).
  • Manning, R., MSC, (2005), Pervaporation of Water from Solvent Solutions.
  • deJong, T., MSc, (2004), Closed material cycles and organic solvent recovery.
  • Fitzgerald, S., MSc, (1999), Batch cycle time optimisation studies on a pharmaceutical production plant, (with Eli Lilly).
  • Shannon, C., MSc, (1999), Characterisation and optimisation of gypsum crystallization, (with ADM).
  • Hassett, P., MSc, (1998), Application of novel waste water treatment technologies to the food industry, (with United Foods).

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