Fees are payable to MTU during each year of the programme, consisting of €3,007 in year one, €357 in years two and three, and €3,500 in year four. Throughout the duration of the programme students will be registered at MTU and can avail of all facilities, activities, clubs, societies etc. 

Relative to other occupations, becoming a pilot requires a significant financial undertaking.


The cost of the Integrated Flight Training Programme with AFTA is €79,000 or €86,000 for the Ryanair Mentored Programme. Further costs can be expected for medical exams, examination fees and licence fees. Upon gaining employment with an airline, some candidates may be required to pay up to €30,000 for a type rating, which is a specific training programme required to operate a particular type of aircraft. This is dependent on the employer and is sometimes substituted with an employment bond and/or reduced type-rating course fee. 

To summarise

Year 1: €3,007 payable to MTU.

Years 2 & 3: €79,000* payable to AFTA, plus €357 to MTU.

Year 4: €3,500 payable to MTU. 

*This amount is payable to AFTA for the integrated flight training programme. Please refer to for a summary of included and excluded costs) Agreed instalment plans are available. 

Additional costs may be incurred during the process of flight training such as:

  • Online CUT-E assessment €55 and AFTA assessment fee: €300.
  • Medical exam for EASA Class 1 Initial Medical: €550
  • Renewal of EASA Class 1 Medical: €250
  • Type-Rating: <€30,000 (employer dependant)
  • ATPL theory exams and licence fees: Approximately €2,000

(Prices correct as of May 2021)


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