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Ed4Life - Aims



The Ed4Life Structured PhD course of study adopts a 360º approach to curriculum design and aims to:

  • Provide a postgraduate education that equips doctoral researchers with a range of excellent research and innovation skills
  • Enhance the environment in which both early-stage and experienced researchers undertake their research
  • Empower the early-stage researcher to gain the best possible research experience
  • Support PhD researchers to develop a professional approach to documenting their competence in research skills through the use of an e-portfolio
  • Contribute to the professionalisation of the research career within the Ed4Life partner organisations
  • Provide postgraduates with the advanced skills required by employment whether that be industry, academia or within the research community at home and abroad
  • Develop best practice and foster excellence in postgraduate supervisory skills

Ed4Life aligns with the Lisbon/ Barcelona Agendas in addition to the Salzburg Principles which set out the role of doctoral programmes and research training.