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Ed4Life Modules


Ed4Life Modules

The modules that comprise the Ed4Life programme are a mixture of generic skills training modules and subject specific modules.  Modules delivered each year will depend on the needs of students and supervisors. Student needs are ascertained from the students personal development plan (PDP). All modules are accredited and equivalent to 5 or 10 ECTS credits. 

Modules are mostly workshop based and assessed on a continuous assessment basis unless otherwise stated.  Assessments are linked as evidence or assets in the students personal development plan and stored in the students e-portfolio.

 The suite of modules available to students is extensive however not all modules as stated earlier are delivered in a given semester or academic year.  Modules taken by individual student's are decided in consultation with the PhD supervisor when devising the PDP. 

Upon registration, students undertake an Induction day  which serves to provide a welcome to, and overview of the programme. 

The following is a list of the Ed4Life modules. All modules have been approved by Quality Assurance Procedures in CIT and CIT's Academic Council.


Code Title ECTS
BIOL9012 Bioinformatics for Research 5
EDUC9032 Communicating Research, Teambuilding and Collaboration 5
EDUC9033 Research Training 5
EDUC9034 Specialised Research Training 5
EDUC9035 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 5
EDUC9036 Professional Skills and Career Development 5
EDUC9037 Research Planning and Methods 10
POLA9001 Research Ethics in the Sciences 5
POLA9002 Intellectual Property and Commercialisation 5
STAT8009 Statistics and Data Analysis 5