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Undergraduate ACCS Fees

ACCS mode refers to Students attending a full-time course on a part-time basis. A full time student would normally do 12 modules (60 Credits) in an academic year. Where a student is not taking all the modules they should be enrolled as an ACCS student and they will be charged based on the number of credits they are doing. 



Undergraduate ACCS Repeat Fees
per Credit 
Student Contribution
per Credit
per Credit
per 5 Credit Module
Higher Certificate (Level 6) €  4.17 €50.00 €54.17 €270.83
Ordinary Degree (Level 7) €  4.17 €50.00 €54.17 €270.83
Architecture / Engineering Degree (Level 8) €24.17 €50.00 €74.17 €370.83
Other Degree (Level 8) €13.65 €50.00 €63.65 €318.25







Please note that ACCS students are not eligible for SUSI grants as they are not full-time students.