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Huff and Puff – what is it and why?

It is recommended that children engage in 60 mins of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. This doesn’t have to be done all at once but can be built up throughout the day.

A key element of Project Spraoi is the promotion of “Huff and Puff” sessions. These sessions consist of 20 minute moderate to vigorous physical activity breaks which are delivered daily in Project Spraoi schools. These sessions are in addition to and not in substitute for the Physical Education curriculum. The Energiser supports the delivery of the “Huff and Puff” sessions by modelling classes, assisting the teacher in delivering the sessions, providing training and resources to the school staff.  “Huff and Puff” lessons are fun, active, varied, and can be tailored to all ages and abilities.

Although “Huff and Puff” sessions are generally modelled to each class weekly, Project Spraoi encourages creativity and allows teachers the freedom to implement their own moderate-vigorous “Huff and Puff” activity breaks over the course of the day. This “Huff and Puff” time can be broken up into 1 x 20minute, 2 x 10minute or 4 x 5 minute activity breaks throughout the school day.

Every extra minute of moderate – vigorous physical activity makes a difference.

“Huff and Puff, it all adds up!”



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