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Business and Humanities


The research interests of staff in the business and humanities faculty range across: social services, community care, health policy, health education, social economics, family and relationship psychology, childcare, physical activity and child and adolescent wellness and health, tourism, marketing, women in management, human resource management, accounting, finance and ICT.

DEIS was established in 1993 to conduct research in the area of open and distance learning. Since then it has become a department of the CIT Faculty of Business and Humanities and has a mission to ‘innovate in education for quality and access’. It engages in the design and implement of various innovative interventions in education and training primarily in the following areas: ODL and e-learning with a particular emphasis on web-based solutions, the assessment of non-formal and informal learning, APL and the accreditation of work-based learning, education/workplace partnerships for programme design and delivery.