SURICATES Project (2017 – 2022)

The SURICATES project, Sediment Uses as Resources In Circular And Territorial EconomieS, is a funding programme from EU Interreg NWE. The total project value is €6.1m, over the project lifetime from September 2017 to September 2022; the MTU funding is in excess of €600,000.


Main Focus

Challenge: Dredge Sediment is the 2nd Largest Solid Waste Stream in Europe with Insufficient Reuse of the Sediment Practiced.The main focus is on the reuse of dredged sediment for a range of applications and in the broader context of implementation with the principles of the Circular Economy. The project involves the development of a range of pilot projects at both large and small scale including at the Port of Rotterdam and at a number of sites under the ownership of Scottish Canal. A range of project tools have been developed to support the project including direct cost and economic models, an environmental model and a GIS model. This project work is undertaken in the context of wide stakeholder engagement from Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators, Water Authorities to the Fertiliser and Agriculture Industry.


Challenge: Phosphorus is a Critical and Finite Raw Material for Food Security. The Phos4You Project focuses on the potential for phosphorous recovery from Municipal Wastewater across North West Europe. A range of different P-recovery technologies are implemented on a pilot scale across a range of wastewater treatment plant sizes, from large scale to small scale rural. P-recovery pilot plants include the Struvia Pilot Plant developed by Velio and which was installed at the Macroom Wastewater Treatment Plant, Co. Cork, Ireland. The P-recovered products are then applied as fertiliser in a range of growth trials, both at laboratory and field scale. This project work is undertaken in the context of wide stakeholder engagement including with the Harbour & Ports Industry, Local Authorities and Municipalities and the Private Sector.


MTU has been involved in a range of project activities including overall responsibility for the project tools (Economic, environmental and GIS) and the implementation of a number of comprehensive case studies/projects for Ireland.



11 Project Partners across 4 Countries, 7 Associated Partners across 5 Countries and the Lead Partner is Université de Lille 1 (France).



MTU Project Lead and Team:

Dr. J. Harrington, B. Batel and R. O’ Sullivan






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