L.I.S.T.E.N Peer Mentoring Programme for 1st Year Students

Interested in becoming a peer mentor next term?

The Access Service is piloting a new peer mentoring service known as L.I.S.T.E.N (Listening and Involving Students To Empower New beginnings).  

Peer Mentoring is designed to help new first year students who may be experiencing challenges and issues pertaining to daily college/student life. The service is in alliance with the Institutes Student Service providers.


The vision of the Peer Mentoring Service is to be a support service for students by students. Peer Mentoring is used globally and has been shown to benefit both students and the overall college body. The Peer Mentoring service will allow first year students to discuss issues or queries they may have pertaining to college with a student mentor. Students from second year upwards can apply to be a mentor. Students will be trained in skills such as communication, listening, ethics etc. 

For further information, please contact;

Barbara Hempel
Peer Mentoring Coordinator
T 021 433 5753
E barbara.hempel@cit.ie

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