Research Ethics

MTU is committed to promoting and protecting ethics in research undertaken in MTU or by MTU staff and students. In MTU the Research Ethics Committee (REC):

  • Prepares and reviews research ethics policies
  • Advises on all matters relating to research ethics in research activity (staff and research postgraduate)
  • Reviews ethics applications and reports its recommendations to the Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Supports research at MTU in being ethically compliant with national and international best practice and with national legislation (where it exists)


The REC is receiving and reviewing applications on a monthly basis. Completed and signed Research Ethics Policy Document & Checklist should be submitted to  for consideration by the REC. The REC meetings are usually held during the final week of each month. If you have an Ethics Application that you would like to be considered at an REC meeting please submit your application to on or before the following dates:

Month Ethics Application Deadline
September 21st September 2021
October 19th October 2021
November 16th November 2021
December 7th December 2021
 January 11th January 2022
February 15th February 2022
March 22nd March 2022
April 19th April 2022
May 17th May 2022
June 7th June 2022
Summer Period 1st September 2022


Applications received after the dates listed above will be considered at the following month's REC meeting. Please note, there is another step in the process to be completed by the Registrar’s Office after your application is considered at the monthly REC meeting.


The REC rests over the summer period. Applications submitted during the summer will be considered at the September 2022 meeting.




Researchers should pay particular attention to their responsibilities especially those outlined below:

  • Provide the Research Ethics Committee with the appropriate information on the research protocol by filling the forms in detail. Notify the Committee of subsequent modifications, terminations, and adverse reactions if significant, and if changes in focus or direction occur which may require ethical approval
  • Ensure that all documentation is submitted electronically as a PDF
  • Ensure that no direct research, i.e. research involving ethical issues (as indicated by answering No to any of the Questions 1 - 8; and/or Yes to any of the Questions 9 - 13 in Table 1; and Yes to any of the Questions in Table 2), will be initiated (except emergency or compassionate) until Research Ethics Committee approval is received
  • Obtain appropriate informed consent from participant(s) where necessary
  • Carry out the protocol as approved; initiating modifications only after the Research Ethics Committee has approved the amendment. (Exceptions only where necessary to eliminate apparent immediate hazards to the participant(s))
  • Where the research results in any severe reaction or unforeseen injury, the research actions responsible should be immediately suspended and the matter immediately reported to the Chair of the Research Ethics Committee and any other relevant committee or officer of the University
  • Ensure that the research will be carried out only by the approved investigator and or co-investigators
  • Keep appropriate records, including names and access information for all research subjects, and maintain confidentiality of all records.




Role Name Department
Registrar  Áine NíShé Registrar & VP for Academic Affairs
Chair  Angela Wright Organisation & Professional Development
Member Seán Lacey Research Integrity & Compliance Officer
Member  Stephen Cassidy Graduate Studies
Member  Garrett O'Sullivan Architecture
Member  Niall Smith Head of Research
Member  Roy Sleator Biological Sciences
Member Craig Murphy Biological Sciences
Member  Áine De Róiste Applied Social Studies
Member  Tara Coppinger Sports, Leisure & Childhood Studies
Member  Vacant MTU Cork School of Music
Member  Vacant National Maritime College of Ireland 
Member  Vacant MTU Crawford College of Art & Design

All queries relating to ethics applications should be directed to

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