Sexual Consent

What is Consent?

In all circumstances where we are intimate with someone consent needs to be established first. When having sex, consent is an agreement between all participants that they definitely want to have sex or do any sexual act. Everyone needs to fully and clearly agree to it and their consent must be continuous for the duration of sex. This means that they have the right to change their mind at any time, for any reason, without any consequences. Find out more here What is consent? (



MTU’s Commitment to ending Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

MTU is committed to the development of an institutional campus culture which is safe, respectful and supportive. 

  • We are keen to promote a safe and supportive environment for each and every member of our community and we recognise that sexual harassment, abuse and violence is a problem in our society. 
  • We are dedicated to preventing and tackling it on behalf of our students and want to support those who are experiencing ongoing abuse as well as survivors of abuse.
  • And we are actively working to implement our MTU Action Plan to Tackle Sexual Violence and Harassment.

Our Working group at MTU is also currently working collectively and with external stakeholders to ensure the effective roll out of Active *Consent Training to all first year MTU students across all university campuses, starting with Academic Year 2021/2022.



MTU Dignity and Respect Policy and Procedure



Consent Resources

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