Springboard FAQ

Springboard FAQ

MTU are delighted to host HEA Springboard+  funded courses for 2023/2024. The process can be quiet overwhelming but we hope the below questions will help ease any worries you have.

Full eligibility and Springboard information can be found here 

  • I have accepted a place on a Springboard programme and have not heard anything, why is this?

HEA documentation requirements must be within a specific time frame prior to your chosen course start date. Those who are employed must upload their proof of employment documentation dated no earlier than 6 weeks prior to course commencement (e.g. September 12th start date can upload documents dated no earlier than August 1st). Those who are Unemployed must upload their DSP letter / payment receipt within a 2 week time frame from course commencement ( e.g. DSP receipt dated no earlier than August 29th will be accepted for courses starting on September 12th).

  • Do I need to pay fees to take a Springboard+ course?

 If you meet the criteria for either the Returner or Unemployed category, your fees will be covered in full, regardless of the course’s NFQ level. If you are employed and you are applying for an NFQ level 6 course, your fees are fully funded, but for levels 7 to 9 you or your employer would need to pay 10% of the fee. If you are in receipt of the Working Family Payment (WFP) or Community Employment (CE Scheme) on course commencement, the 10% course fee contribution is not applicable.


  • When do Springboard+ courses start?

 Springboard+ courses have different start dates but the majority begin from September onwards. The start date for each Springboard+ course can vary. Further information is available from the course department.

  • When will I recieve my class timetable?

Departments will contact Springboard students directly prior to their course start date with course information including the class timetable.

  • If I meet the eligibility requirements, am I guaranteed a place on a course?

 No, places are limited and many courses receive more applications than there are places to offer. Eligible applicants who are in receipt of a qualifying Social Welfare payment take priority over eligible applicants.

  • I am a Returner but I am in receipt of a welfare payment. Does that make me ineligible?

 Yes, Returners cannot be in-receipt of a payment from the Department of Social Protection in order to qualify for a Springboard+ course

  • How do I prove I am a Returner?

 You should download a declaration form and sign it before a Commissioner for Oaths / Peace Commissioner.

  • How long do I need to be in receipt of a DSP payment to be eligible for a Springboard+ place?

 For part-time Springboard+ courses, there is no requirement to be in receipt of a payment for a particular period of time prior to the start of a course. 

However, for 1 year ICT Skills Conversion courses, applicants will need to satisfy additional DSP eligibility criteria that they have been in receipt of an eligible DSP for at least 9 of the previous 12 months. For those who have transferred to another payment from the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP), time spent on PUP will satisfy this condition. 

Applicants who are in receipt of a Jobseekers payment, Farm/Fish Assist, or Qualified Adults of a Working Age are not eligible for a place on two-year Part-time ICT Skills Conversions courses. 

Applicants must inform their local DSP Office that they are undertaking a Springboard+ course.


  • I used to be self-employed and do not qualify for a DSP payment. Am I eligible to apply?

​​Yes, formerly self-employed people are eligible to apply for a Springboard+ place, you do not need to be in receipt of a DSP payment.

  • I recently graduated (in the last 12 months ) from a full-time, Level 8, Honours Degree Course. Am I eligible to do a Level 9 Springboard+ course?

​​ No, for the majority of courses you need to wait for one year from your graduation date before you are eligible to do a Level 9 Springboard course.

  • I have been asked to complete “First Registration” / “Re-Registration”, what does this mean?

 First Registration: A substantial amount of time may have passed between when you applied for your course and when it actually started. Because of this, we ask Springboard+ participants to re-confirm their eligibility before we make a fee payment on their behalf. As part of this process, you will need to confirm that you met the eligibility criteria on the date the course started and, if appropriate, provide updated documentation as proof. This is done through your account on the www.springboardcourses.ie website. It is important that you complete this step ASAP when you are asked to do so. Failure to do so will mean losing your place on the course. 

Re-Registration: For courses that take place over two semesters, we ask applicants to complete Re-Registration. You do not need to provide any additional documentation during this step, you simply need to confirm for us that you are still actively participating on your course. This is to avoid us paying a second fee instalment for any students who may have since dropped out of the course. Again, it is important that you complete this step ASAP when you are asked to do so. Failure to do so will mean losing your place on the course.

  • I completed a Springboard+ course in the last academic year, but my status has not yet been updated to “Complete”. What should I do?

 The course provider is responsible for updating your status, as they will first need to verify your final grade. If you believe they should have already updated your status, you should contact them directly for assistance. The HEA does not have access to your grades and is therefore unable to update your status on behalf of a course provider.



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