CAO Queries

  • Will the CAO points for my course(s) at MTU go up/down this year?
    It is not possible to guess the outcome of / trend for the CAO points system as this changes year after year. CAO points for each year can be viewed on
  • I do not meet the Maths requirement for my course, what can I do?
    MTU Cork Campus holds a Mathematics examination for applicants who have expressed an interest in any of its programmes that require certain minimum levels of performance in Mathematics. The purpose of this examination is to provide such applicants with a “second chance” opportunity to achieve these minimum Mathematics entry requirements. All details can be found here.
  • I received an offer in an earlier round when will I hear from MTU?
    Applicants who were offered a place at MTU through the CAO in Round A or Round 0 will receive an email from late August/early September with registration information.
  • I got offered my second choice, but I really want to get my first-choice course. Should I accept my second choice?
    You can accept your current offer and you will still be considered for your higher preference courses in later offer rounds (if a place becomes available and you are deemed eligible). Accepting or not accepting your current offer will not prevent you from receiving offers of higher preference courses.
  • I am a CAO applicant; however, I don’t live in Ireland. When will I receive an offer if I am eligible for a course at MTU?
    Students who have applied through the CAO with foreign qualifications will be issued their offers (if any) in Round 1 on August 30th.
  • I didn’t get an offer in the first round; can I be offered a place in round 2?
    If a course does not fill on Round 1, it may go to Round 2. Offers will be issued to those who have applied for the course and are most eligible.
  • I was offered my first choice, but I want to study my third choice. Is there any way of accepting a lower preference?
    Unfortunately, not, as you are only offered courses in order of preference (i.e., in the order you put them on your CAO form).  It is extremely important that you list your courses based on genuine order of preference. You will be offered a place on the course highest up your course choices list that you are deemed eligible for.  For more information about how offers are issued, and ‘Order of Preference’ visit the CAO website here.
  • I have already accepted an offer in an earlier round and now I have a new offer, what should I do? 
    Accept the new offer by the 'Reply Date' if you prefer this course to the one that you have already accepted - this will automatically cancel your previous acceptance.

    If you do not wish to accept the new offer you can simply do nothing, and your previous acceptance will still stand.
  • I accepted my MTU CAO offer but I have not received anything
    MTU will be contacting all students from 6th September with registration information and orientation details.



  • I didn’t receive an offer why is this?

Students applying with QQI qualifications may not receive an offer for different reasons.

The most common reasons are:

Not obtaining a full award (Component Certificates are not sufficient)
Did not meet the course requirements (e.g., number of passes and distinctions needed to for the course, or no maths subject,)
PPSN not linked to their CAO application.


Accepted your place at MTU?

  • Online Registration

Year One & Advanced Entry students: Online registration information has been emailed to the email address you used for your CAO application. It is important you complete this now for your Orientation on the Bishopstown Campus. Susi applicants: Your balance will be updated once your Susi grant is confirmed. You will need to pay your €7 USI levy immediatelyDon't forget to bring your documentation with you to your Orientation so you can collect your student ID card.


  • Orientation

Undergraduate orientation will take place from September 19th-23rd more information can be found here.

To collect your student I.D. card please bring along a photocopy of your Driving License or valid Passport - i.e., a legal document showing your official name.

Students for courses requiring Garda vetting should present original passport and birth certificate and also have two copies of each.  A list of courses that require Garda Vetting can be found here 

Future NMCI students must bring Seafarer Medical Certificate (Form ENG11).

MT946 Global Business with Pilot Studies also need to bring their Class 1 Medical Certificate.

  • Return date

Year 1 Full-time courses are due to commence on September 18th.

Advanced Entry Post Year 1 courses will begin on September 11th.

  • When will I receive my timetable?

Students will receive their timetables by email from their department prior to the semester 1 start date. Timetables will be made available online here, please note timetables are subject to change.

  • ID card

Full time Year 1 will receive their ID cards during Orientation week.

  • Deferring

The decision to defer in some cases is straightforward, however, if you are very confused or unsure, we suggest that you discuss the matter with your head of department/lecturer/family in order to make an informed decision. Deferrals are granted for one academic year only.

Students are advised to research the fees and grant implications they may face by deferring their course. Information regarding Fees can be found here

CAO Applicants: If you wish to defer your current offer do not accept it now, you must contact the Admissions Office immediately by email with the text 'Deferred Entry' in the subject line of the email, giving a reason for your deferral. See CAO for more information.

Please note: that it is not possible to defer full-time courses delivered at the MTU Cork School of Music - you will have to reapply the following year

  • Deadline for deferrals:

Semester 1 October 31st 2023

Semester 2 February 28th 2024

  • Fees Office

Important Fees Deadlines for 2023/2024: Deferrals and Withdrawals

Semester 1 October 31st 2023

Semester 2 February 28th 2024

More information on Fees can be found at 

  • Student email details/ Reset password

Each student will be emailed their student email address, and ID details.

This will be sent to the personal email address we have on record.

If you wish to reset your password, you can do so 

  • Letters of Attendance

Year 1 students who require a letter and/or form confirming their enrolment status and course duration, can request this from their department.
Department contact details can be found here

Students who need a form to be stamped, please contact The Admissions Office, once you have completed online registration.

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