Credits on a programme

All types of prior learning can be presented for credits on programmes. You must be able to show that you meet each learning outcome of the module at a pass level. The assessor must be satisfied that the key learning of the module has been met by you before they will grant the RPL case.

  • Cases based on prior formal learning which has previously been redeemed against another award are granted an exemption (x).
  • Prior learning cases based on experiential learning are given a % mark.
  • Cases based on a combination of prior formal and experiential learning are granted an exemption (X).

Online workshops are available to help you submit an RPL application, and answer any questions.

MS Teams workshop times are: 1-2pm and at 5-6pm  each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from early September to the 3rd March 2023 inclusive. Email; to arrange attendance with your preferred time/date.

The deadline for RPL applications is the 3rd March 2023

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